ElectroShot X2 (Medium) 1/8 Buggy Tires (2) Front or Rear

ElectroShot X2 (Medium) 1/8 Buggy Tires (2) Front or Rear

Proline Racing

  • $ 23.96
  • Save $ 5.99

The ElectroShot comes from the mind of Ty Tessmann and is designed to perform just like a Hole Shot 2.0 while lasting significantly longer. As the name suggests, the ElectroShot is combination of Pro-Line s Electron and HoleShot tread designs with connected bars in the center where the heaviest tire wear occurs and Holeshot pins everywhere else for maximum traction. Racers who have tried the ElectroShot say that it feels similar to a HoleShot but has even better forward grip!


  • Combination of Electron and Hole Shot Tread Design
  • Performs Like a Hole Shot but Last Significantly Longer
  • Massive Forward Traction
  • Made in the USA

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