Fugitive Lite X2 Medium Off-Road 1:8 Buggy Tire

Fugitive Lite X2 Medium Off-Road 1:8 Buggy Tire

Proline Racing

  • $ 23.96
  • Save $ 5.99

The Fugitive Lite is very similar to the World Championship winning Fugitive tire, but with significantly smaller pins. The smaller pins results in a lighter weight tire that accelerates and brakes quicker while still maintaining the great wear characteristics. Pro-Line's new Fugitive Lite tire sets the standard for wear and performance with a whole new design philosophy - small, tightly packed pins that can handle the abuse of today s race tracks. The Fugitive easily has the best performance to cost ratio of any Pro-Line tire, making it perfect for many different style tracks.


  • Smaller and lighter pins for faster lap times
  • Long lasting tread, yet still fast and agile
  • Extra tread wear for your money
  • Incredible performance to cost ratio
  • Long lasting closed cell inserts included

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