Revo 8x8 - Gary Rembowski

Posted by Eric Moon on

Gary is well known in the industry with his amazing custom builds.

Here is one of his best, 8x8, with SRC Terrain Crushers.


This build started out as two revo sliders with eight dollars in scrap metal. 

Chassis was made with simple tools no machine shop here .
Rolling on SRC Terrain Crushers also powered  by a mamba monster 2 with a 2200kv motor, using an RC monster mount.

The following is a list of fabrications and mods.

  • 2 tier chassis 4 pieces               
  • Lipo trays 
  • Esc tray
  • Body
  • Roll bars               
  • Revo trans locked in second 
  • 2 Revo diffs made fourway
  • 2 bulkheads
  • All center shafts

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