Road Crusher - Trail Domination (Russell)'s XO-Revo1 Build

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These incredible builds are keep coming along!

Today's feature is on Russell's XO-Revo1 build.

Russell is rocking our Road Crusher on his car!


He gave us detailed history of his build below:


2013 Traxxas E-Revo Brushless Edition TQI

Purchased the erevo new along with another erevo from my local hobby store, I wanted a off road basher and a strictly on road basher (xorevo1). 

I chose the e-revo mainly because of it's low slung chassis/body also traxxas's parts support.

Just getting into the hobby in 2013 I wanted a dedicated Traxxas 1/8 size street car that could handle a beating on the street and also do some high speed passes,  not knowing at that time of the release of the 100mph xo1.

I was disappointed at first that there was such an onroad car because I wanted it and that I had already bought another erevo for the street therefore xorevo1 was born.

Xorevo1 was never driven on dirt nor had any airtime, it was always on asphalt or in flight when things went wrong on a few high speed passes.

The original power plant the mamba monster esc and 2200kv motor was damaged from doing back to back (geared wrong) 70+mph passes I wanted a reliable setup that would keep temps down when I geared up so I went with the castle 1717 motor and ran a new mamba monster esc with a cc cap pack.

I was new to speed and gearing at that time so it was mostly trial and error for me with that setup I was doing average 84-86 mph speed passes.

One day I went out to do some testing on gearing and was hitting numerous 86mph runs I was happy with that because I had more room for gearing but I got a little greedy by doing it consistent with little breaks in between which eventually fried the 1717 xo1 motor.

So I gave up on speed and threw xorevo1 in the closet and picked up on rccrawling.

2 years later xorevo1 is reborn still has the same upgrades as it did then but with new electronics. Xorevo1 now will be more of a parking lot basher rather than a high speed go getter but in the near future will try to knock on that 90mph door.

Hope this sums it up hopefully u get this message in the right size if not I'll resend it thanks!. From Instagram @traildomination (visit his instagram to follow his build!)


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