Greg's Wicked Project

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Our team was drooling over Greg's build we found on the Revo page.

The attention to the details of the body is AMAZING!

Here is his build story!

I wanted this Revo to be unlike any other Revo.
I started with the chassis.
I was going to have it anodized a different color, but then I decided to have it chrome plated.
I haven't seen a Revo chassis chrome plated before so I knew it was going to turn heads.
Next, for strength and durability, I replaced almost all of the stock parts with aluminum parts from Integy and GPM.
They include the body mounts, shock mounts, wing mount, engine mount, upper and lower steering mounts and the rocker arms.
To keep the underside protected I added aluminum skidplates on the front and rear. I also added one to protect the transmission.
Next I added Traxxas swaybars and driveshafts.
The swaybars keep the truck stable in turns and at speed, and the driveshafts are for strength and to reduce weight.
The RPM a-arms and axle carriers I added are to reducing breakage, and are for adjustability.
With all this, I couldn't just leave the Traxxas 3.3 engine stock, so I sent it to Elias Blake who builds wicked engines.
He ported and polished the sleeve, shaved weight off the crankshaft to reduce rotating mass, and added a Davis Diesel connecting rod for strength.
To fuel this monster, he attatched a Losi 3.4 carb, and to help it breath, I added an oversized air filter from Motor Saver.
With all this power I needed a special tire. I went with SRC's belted street tires because the don't balloon out and have excellent grip on the street.
To top off this one of a kind Revo, I needed a one of a kind killer paint job. That job went to Jason Forbes of ' forbescustoms RC' out of Florida.    
I GIVE YOU "WICKED" !!!!!!!!!!
-I would like to thank my lovely wife, Jan, and my friend, Sean Fink, for all of their support. 

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