Terrain & Road Crusher on DJ Serafin's Losi LST XXL Build

Posted by Eric Moon on

We were amazed to see this LST XXL Build!
So much detail, well done!
Started as an aftershock Nitro. 
Conversions & Mods 
Sidewinder 8th ESC w/1515 2200kv motor combo on 6s
Yeah Racing Dual Tornado Fan 
Single speed hub on 27/59 Tini spur
FOC with gear swap transmission 
18/28 E-Conversion output bevel gears. 
Bad Ass Creation Steering Link
Full XXL conversion. Chassis, Axle & suspension Arms
Custom DIY Muggy Shock Towers with rear Shock Flip
Muggy lower Shock Mounts
Raven Dual Rate Springs
Lowered stance with RPM arm adapters used as shock limiters. 
Custom SC8 roll cage and mounts 
Custom Turnigy Under chassis Brace
Traxxas Receiver Case
Wheelie Bar Mod to Bumper ( waiting for shocks in the mail for a flex mod )
SRC Belted Terrain Crushers / Road Crushers

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